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Red Sky Entertainment
Creator owned studio that pitches group projects to the main publishers.
Rightman Publishing Limited
Hong Kong comics publishing company.
Rip Off Press
Home of the Freak Brothers factory store.
Rip Roar'n Comics
Publishing books and art services that offer gritty realism.
Sabre's Edge Associated Studios
Association of freelance artists and designers who publish comic books and web pages.
Sasa Sema Publications, Ltd.
Publishes Swahili comic books based on African folklore.
Schism Comics
Creator of Bru-Hed and Nasti: Monster Hunter comics.
Shogakukan, Inc.
Japanese publisher of dictionaries, educational, and other non-fiction and fiction works, including manga, or comic books.
Silent But Deadly Publications
Publishes cartoon gift books by Martin Baxendale.
Skydog Comics Studio
Funnies, realistic drawings, sculptures, marsupilami, and more.
Slave Labor Graphics
Comic book publisher.
Smirk Productions
Presenting Not Exactly Rocket Science cartoons and merchandise.
South Jersey Rebellion Productions
Publisher of the Jersey Devil.
Spilled Milk
Includes project updates, artwork, and more.
Spungifeel Comix
Home of Salamander Bits (daily comix), Somedaze (weekly cartoon), and eccentric comics in various flavors and keys.
Publish the works of new European artists as well as that of American artists.
Studio Babbelstan
Creating comic strips, cartoons and related artwork for publishing, licensing and syndication.
Studio Ironcat
Specializes in publishing translated Japanese comics, or manga.
Studio Mercenary
Animation and illustration studio for TV cartoons and comic books.
Studio Proteus
Produces most of the Dark Horse manga comics.
Sweatshop Press
Publishing house under which The Jamar Chronicles is produced.
T&D Publishing
Graphic novels, e-books and other stories.
Tokyo Pop
Offering movies, anime, video games, music, and toys from Japan.
Top Cow Productions
Official interactive site for Top Cow Comics with the episodic Cyberforce experience and a comic book catalog.
Top Shelf Productions
Publisher of work from the scribbling fists of contemporary alternative cartoonists.
Twist And Shout Comics
Titles include Dirtbag, X-Flies, Spawnfeld and more. Features the oldest comics news and rumour column on the Internet, Ramblings '98.
Vertigo Comics
Official site from DC.
Vision Comics
Publisher of The American Journal of Anthropomorphics, Shanda the Panda, Katmandu, Extinctioners, Beatrix, The Hollow Earth, Savage Funnies, Hard Core, and more.
Vision Land Comics
Christian comics dealing with human struggles and the spiritual realm.
Viz Communications, Inc
Producing and distributing manga and anime throughout the U.S.
West Street Stories
Creates comics featuring super-heroes, super-villains, action, adventure, drama, and humor and satire.
White Ninja Comics
Publishes satirical cartoons and commentary on controversial worldly issues.
WildStorm Productions
Latest news, creator profiles, images, and merchandise on Cliffhanger, Homage and America's Best comics.
Word-Play Publications
Offers select works from the underground comic world, as well as original paintings and drawings by Maxon Crumb.
Worgl Enterprises
Cartoon syndicate specializes in college cartoonists throughout North America.
World Famous Comics
Industry news, classifieds, and a selection of comic books.
Wow Cool
Distributor and publisher of comic books and punk zines.
Xulu Brand
Offering the double-feature comic book, Five Speed Manual and Protista Chronicles.
Zero G Comics
Self-publishing comics, art, graphics, and more.
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